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- Minimum of 50% to content
- NO consoles, NO autoinstalles, NO Autobookmarks, NO Auto Resize!
- NO exploits, NO trojans, NO viruses, NO Shit generally!
- NO Video Codec Installs and Galleries like Avicash/Videos Cash!
- No Dialers or redirects for any country
- No third level domains! Just www.yoursite.com
- No redirects by country! ALL surfers should see your main site!

- Trade with low productivity (less than 100%) or non active trade will be DELETED without notice!
- I will NOT answer on ICQ message anymore with only like: "Hi", "Anybody home?", "Knok-knok", "I'd like to trade" and other non-informative messages!
- If you request the trade or signup to trade please give me full info including: your site url, how much traffic on your site daily, your % to galleries.

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